I started my background studying Fine Arts and Philosophy (UB) in 1991 and for some years I was part in some collective and individual exhibitions and art workshops as a personal brief foray through different artistic forms.

Later on, in 1998, I decided to use my creativity into Interior Design (Escola Massana-UAB) and I started focusing professionally in this area. After several years working for Mango fashion firm, where I carried out several retail projects in different countries in Europe and Asia, I launched in 2005 my own studio in Barcelona, as a responsible for the creative management and concept design for different retail firms and offices, this time from a global perspective including interior design, graphic design and image corporate. A large number of projects in various countries was been created from that studio, including home interiors and projects of ephemeral architecture and exhibition design.

I specialized in 2010 with a Master in Design and Production of Exhibition Spaces (UPC-CCCB) and a Specialization Course in Ephemeral Installations and Museugraphy (UAB).

In 2011 I moved to Berlin, as a freelance Interior Concept Designer and began to collaborate with other studies, art galleries and magazines, increasingly focusing  towards developing interesting projects linking concept, art and design.


Currently I live in Norway, based in Fredrikstad,  using my background and experience as a designer, creative and artist with new and interesting projects in Norway and other european countries.




The challenge working as a Interior Designer in a global concept lies in linking the space design, the information that it contains and the needs to cover, developing "spatial images" that arise from the idea, translating the contents of it into something real. So, the aim on my work is to create the dialog between form and content and the unbiased application of the design elements, leading the project along a concept line to end up in the real space experience which the client/brand identifies with. That's the dimension of my projects.





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